Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Oh That Fabulous Basement Bathroom

Maybe it's because this brand-new bathroom is the first I've ever planned, or it's completely new and unique to this house, but this is the room I'm most proud of in the basement project.
This Before photo looks at the area where we planned to put the bathroom, if you look closely at the foors you'll see where we drew-in the walls. Since there was no plumbing roughed in, a majority of our budget went into cutting open the concrete and laying the pipes (see this post for details). There are now walls, so the window will be the only thing that shows you what's there now. 
Before: The Placement for the Bathroom
The niche vanity really helped us save lots of cash on the budget, as I'll post about soon.

After: See the Window Over the Vanity? Last Coat of Final Paint Still Needed.
It was pretty amazing to see this bathroom come together. And I'm pleased with how the tile and the other finishes look.
After: The Brand-New Bathroom
My brother and his girlfriend were visiting for New Year's Eve and were the first to use this bathroom and new bedroom. They reported the shower was great and it was certainly bright enough. 

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