Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gallery Wall Redo

It occurred to me this week, after scrolling through some Pinterest images, that I used all black frames on my navy gallery wall.

See ...
Exhibit A: Black Frames on Navy Wall
And it hit me: that makes no sense. Why would I use a frame color you can't even really see on a navy wall?

Because we switched out the TV for the smaller one (the bigger screen was sent to the basement), I had to rearrange the pictures here anyway ... but this time, I decided to use all (or most) white frames and images that POP OUT of the navy wall, not get hidden away in it.

The results ...

Exhibit B: White Frames (Mostly) on Navy Wall
Ok, so it may be a few too many frames, but it's a pretty serious (and fun) focal point in the room. And, as assumed, those white frames really POP at you. Hello!

This wall and the cabinets below are a constant work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with the collection right now. Hooray!

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