Friday, February 17, 2017

Get Excited About Bedroom Lights

Today we added overhead lights to the girls' bedrooms. And by "we" I mean I called our handyman Rick (who can do just about everything) over to take care of it.

Before we had little lamps that provided very poor light at night in the bedrooms. Not to mention they took up the limited space on dressers and shelves. Since we moved in I've wanted an overhead light to really brighten up the rooms.

So, I bought these hot little numbers from Amazon almost a year ago with a gift certificate. They looked least like the common overhead "boob" light I was trying to avoid. You know the ones ... they look like this. Don't be embarrassed, we all have them. Anyway, it's a "semi-flush" so if anything, it looks like a slightly dangly boob light. So there you have it.

Here's the final photos of the (not clean) bedrooms. Before pictures seemed unnecessary, as there was just an empty ceiling before.

Honestly, the lights look like they've been there all along. And he wired two light switches in each room, so we have the option of just turning on the small lamp, too. Those will be perfect for bedside reading lighting.

Owning a home means getting excited about non-boob looking overhead lights. Yay homeownership!

A brief aside: every time our handyman Rick comes over, I just want to follow him around saying "Rick Rick Rick" in an annoying little girl voice because of that hilarious SNL sketch. Amiright?!

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