Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Filming in My Living Room

A few weeks ago my husband volunteered our house for a corporate video shoot. His company wanted to film a couple in a house-setting but using studios was going to be expensive for such a short video. So, on that Wednesday morning, a fleet of Honda Elements (apparently, the vehicle of choice for a production company) arrived at 7:30am and spent the day rearranging furniture, setting up lights and huge cameras -- and letting us watch them make their magic. 

It was fun being around and watching the processes from start to finish. And to have about 10 people milling around my house when it's usually just me all day. They were very gracious guests and complimented our house a few times. So, yeah, they're totally welcome to come back. 

The girls were at school all day, so they missed all the excitement. I took a bunch of pictures to show them where everything was set up. 

There Was Even a Hair and Makeup Stylist! 
Filming! Quiet on the Set! 
Check Out Those Cameras!
A View of the Set.
And From Above. 
The Director Loved All the Natural Light.
 So that was my Hollywood moment for the month.

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