Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birthday Cake Wishes

I'm going to come clean about something ... I am no cake maker. I try, but I stink at it. Big time.

I try to make a cake for each of my kids' birthday parties every year. And every year it's a mixed bag of results.

This weekend, I made an Angel Food Cake for Leah's 11th and it came out pretty good. It's a simple cake to begin with, so tough for me to mess up. Though, I forgot some kind of (chocolate) frosting. Fortunately we had whipped cream and chocolate ice cream at the ready so this year was a win. Last year she requested whale-shaped brownies, and that was a disaster.

You should also know I have an on-going feud with icing, that's were it usually goes wrong. I've never been able to get it right. In the early days, I just used store-bought but have you SEEN what's in that?! It's chemicals in a plastic cup. No bueno. But it's still the go-to when the homemade attempt turns into cement/soup. And that's 90% of the time.

Each birthday party I can tell you stories about the cake. What I tried and what I failed at. But, hey, it's cake! With enough ice cream or sugar, the kids are going to eat it. Really!

And some day, though it's been 11 years, but some day I will eventually be a champion cake maker. Through trail and so many errors, I'm bound to get it right at some point. Maybe in another 10 years?

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