Friday, April 7, 2017

Working Up to Flight

I started working out again ... which means I'll be sore every day for the foreseeable future. Sweet.

This time I'm starting with a combination of a Fit36 gym and yoga classes. Which is funny because Fit36 is loud music and instructors shouting affirmation; "YOU CAN DO IT. ALMOST THERE!" While yoga is quiet reflection and softly-spoken instructions; "Now breath into downward dog. Ahh."

Anyway, I have a goal. It's a number and I want it. I'm pumped. (And now that I've printed it into this post, there's no going back.)

And once I hit that number I have a shirt goal. It has to do with the buttons. 'Nuff said.

And once I hit that, I may have a new number goal but I also have an ultimate goal which is an activity. I want to run again.

In high school I ran long distance to train and I loved it. I remember the feeling of freedom and clarity. It was such a drug. Then I hurt my knee and running was never the same. Then I had babies and even attempting to run with less strength and more weight was frustrating and disappointing. I want that feeling again. Flight.

I want to wake up early on vacation in London and go for a run, watching the city wake up with my husband. I don't need to go fast or too far, I don't need to run marathons, but I miss that feeling. I crave it.

So, I'm sore. Oh so sore. But I have the right shoes and time to commit. Let's Do This.

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