Friday, May 12, 2017

The Fireplace Project - AirStone Display

Here's the display for AirStone at my Lowe's. Yes, I'm that crazy person that takes pictures of shelves at Lowe's. Yes!
A box covers 8 square feet, which is probably more than what I need to go up to the mantel on my fireplace. So $59.97 might cover the cost of the faux stone. Plus the cost of the glue and whatever else I'll need so I'm estimating $100, on the high side.

I'm leaning toward this slate Spring Creek because it's a bit darker and will stand out from my white walls. There's another color that has more beiges and tans and would match better with my floors, but I'm thinking that's not the direction I necessarily want to go in. I do have the option to buy one box of each color and mix and match. Hmm.
Spring Creek
This week, it's time to shop!

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