Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Conferencing in Atlanta

My company sent me to Atlanta for the weekend to get all I can out of a very-cool technology in education conference.

A weekend away by myself. To be an adult and "working professional" instead of weekend Mom? Sure I'll go!  With the bonus of maybe being INSPIRED about my job and how I'm contributing to this ed tech movement. (Not to mention, the chance to see a city I've never been to.)
Centennial Park in Downtown Atlanta
So, I'm having a pretty good time. There's some networking going on. I met up with an old coworker who works at a competitor. Jotted down some professional research to share with my team. There's so much to do and see. I'm making the most of it.

My challenge has been finding good food. Sure, I could eat at Arby's or Quiznos (even though I never would at home), but I have some time to be picky. And I'd rather eat REAL food.

Saturday I hit the jackpot and found a fantastic coal-oven pizza place just as it started to rain (Max's). And, as luck would have it, the last seat at the bar in front of a TV showing the Brazil game. Perfect.

On the Expo Floor
Sunday morning, I went looking for a grocery store for fresh fruit and organic yogurt to have in the room. No luck. But I did stumble upon a sweet little French bistro run by a Frenchman. I was the only customer for awhile, so I ate a scrumptious salad and watched the Netherlands play. And enjoyed some World Cup chitchat with the owner. Delightful!

On Monday, I ended up in my room most of the morning working. And spent the afternoon chatting with vendors on the Expo floor. I had picked out a German pub around the corner to watch the Germany game -- and even invited a co-worker to watch the game and compare notes on the conference. But when we arrived, they turned us away because of a private party. I was so bummed. We found another place, but not as good.

In the evening, I tagged along with the math group to a place called Miller Union. Local, sustainable and creative cuisine. Super yummy.

It's Tuesday and I'm ready to head home. We've heard the weather is causing delays all over the place. So let's hope I get out without drama. Fingers crossed!

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