Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let's Get Crafty!!!

I've cleared the schedule and shoved aside all housework to concentrate on sewing projects I've been putting off this weekend

First up ... Circle pennant. 
I got this lovely felt at my favorite fabric store in SoHo. And this morning I found a circle cutter at Micheal's. Seems like the perfect union. 

The verdict: fail. The flannel is too thick to to cut. 
Circle-Cutter and Felt = No Go

But it works on paper ... So I'm rethinking my plans. 
Imagine the Possibilities!!! 

Next ... dolly blanket. 
I'm terrified of quilt binding so I'm making this mini quilt and following some instructions I recently found. 

I Found Fairytale Fabric - Princess And the Pea for This Side

The binding came together a little easier than I expected but the corners were another story. Seam ripper to the rescue. 

Binding and Corners - Need to Figure that Out

The stitch the the ditch has taken the most time. Are they uniform stitches? Oh my no. But it's been fun to try. 

Stichting. My, I Need a Manicure!

Last ... Applesauce:
Then, we made applesauce because it's probably the easier food project in the entire culinary world. And my crisper was jam-packed with apples. 

This Tool Skins and Cores the Apples. The Girls Love It! 

Ten Apples Cooking Down

Did I get through all my project ... not by a long shot. But it felt good to be creative for the weekend. And getting that Dolly quilt done was a GREAT feeling. 

What were the girls doing in all this, you may ask? Legos, mostly. Leah had a playdate and did a headband craft. We spend so little time at home with all the go-go-go that a weekend to play with their toys is rare and valuable. 

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