Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Wins, So Far ...

I've been feeling a little blue today. Just overall cold and bummed and low energy. So to cheer myself up I made a list of my 2016 accomplishments ... so far ...
  • I sorted out all the holiday decorations, trashed some stuff (except for the Dancing Homer-Santa, I can't seem to part with it) and neatly put away the decorations into tubs, keeping like things together, and labeling each tub. (* I got a label-maker for Hanukkah that is getting well used.)
  • There are two books that have been languishing on my ToRead piles for years: Longbourne and The Night Circus. I DO want to read them, but other books keep making more noise. I'm determined to clean out the pile, so I pulled the audiobooks from the library and started on Longbourne this week -- which I absolutely love. You can tell the author is a true fan of the Pride and Prejudice story, weaving it into the storylines of the house servants. 
  • I dumped Facebook from my phone. It was sucking up my time and it wasn't all that interesting, as most of the folks posting are so far removed from my actual life. And why do people need to repost crazy things? Why? If I'm looking for time-wasting on my phone, I'm far more excited about seeing inspiring images on Instagram and news on Twitter.
  • My goal to exercise weekly (and make it a evening habit) has been a total disaster. But, I will say I've gotten on my mat AT LEAST once each week since New Year's. It's not much, but a beginning, right?
  • Years ago I committed myself to creating a holiday cards scrapbook (and I don't usually scrapbook), starting in 2006 with baby Leah. I bought the scrapbook at least three years ago and have been dutifully hanging on to all our holiday cards (9 years worth). So, I buckled down this weekend; pulled them all out, poured myself a glass of wine (which magically helps me ignore my children for the duration) and put together the book. Voila! No longer a todo!
  • Lastly, with being back on my menu planning rampage, I'm getting more focused on plant-based dinners. Most of what I was cooking have been plant-plentiful, but there's more I can do to give my family the best. And if Michael Pollen says to eat plants, that's what I'm going to focus on. 

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