Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend of ToDos Done

Leah's List
This was a very important weekend to get things checked off on my todo list. There are only a few precious non-visitor weekends before the holiday craziness and, therefore, much to do.

Leah helped me out by writing out the tasks. Plus, there were several she didn't include.

As of Monday morning, I'm feeling very good about all we achieved. Holiday cards ordered. Hanukkah gifts under control. Dave cleaned out and organized the garage. Bunk bed ready to move back into the house (though not close to being finished). Light bulb changed. Drain-o used on the girls' tub. See? Little things that just needed some focus. Done and Done!

We even booked a babysitter for Saturday night and saw "Thor" -- which was like a mini-vacation from all the work being done. Soo good!

Hooray for ToDo lists and empty (stormy) weekends to do them in.

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