Friday, March 28, 2014

My New Cabinet of Joy

Yellow Cabinet Filled With Crafts and Games
Although I'm not at all focused on decorating our office, I was done looking at the corner shelf stuffed with the kid's craft projects that always spilled out onto the floor.

I don't have a before picture ... that's how bad it was.

So while searching for the dining room cabinet of my dreams -- that just doesn't exist, sigh -- I stumbled on this little yellow cabinet. Sure, it's veneer, but it fits perfectly in the office corner and has doors I can close for a tidy look. I could even cover the glass at some point. Bonus!

I have always aspired to have a place where my pretty fabric collection could be stored and displayed. And now I have it; Gorgeous cabinet of joy and prettiness.

Sure, I've got the board games on the bottom shelf and the Hulk hands found there way in here, too. But, it's main purpose is a crafting cabinet. And that is just jolly goodness and delight.

My Pieces of Fabric Folded and Ready for Future Projects -- Big and Small

This Office Cabinet Formerly Held My Fabric
And Now Contains the Kid's Craft Projects

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