Monday, May 19, 2014

Food Make or Buy List

Influenced by Michael Pollan's "Cooked" book -- which is really a good read, and likely an even better audiobook -- I've started thinking about what foods I can make at home instead of buying processed.

Alana from my Homemade Pantry cookbook, which I continue to love, has a similar message. And emboldened by my foray into homemade yogurt and sites like 100 Days of Real Food, I'm wondering what else I can make weekly to become less reliant on food companies to make (and muck-up) the foods my family eats.

Here's a breakdown:

Yogurt - both: I love my homemade jars of yogurt, and each week I experiment with time and steps. Some batches are stiffer than others, but in another few months, I should have this buttoned up. Now, getting the kids on board will take some doing. They're hooked on the sweet flavors of our Sunnybrook and Trader Joe's organic brands.

Bread - buy, for now: The girls eat one loaf of bread each week so we're super-choosy about the brand we buy -- gotta be wheat, organic and few ingredients. Could I save money if I made my own? Could I find a recipe the girls would like? This might be an interesting challenge.

Granola bars - make: We rely heavily on the organic fruit bars we get from TJs or Whole Foods -- and have since the girls were super young. But, again, these are mass-produced food products that could be made in my kitchen. In fact, I've made them! With raisins and almonds and chocolate -- and the girls are really developing a taste for them. So, total success here. Just need to set aside weekend time to make them often.

Ice Cream - buy: I thought about making this from scratch but we love the Oberweiz brand so much. And they use milk not treated with the rBGT -- so no concern there. I'm sticking with store bought on this one. Too yummy.

Pizza - make: Have you SEEN the ingredients for pizza on some frozen foods packages? And the taste is like cardboard. No thank you. I get dough from TJs (with three total ingredients) or make dough from scratch the night before. Then, just top it. Here's the thing: homemade pizza takes just about the SAME amount of time as preheating the oven and dropping in a frozen pizza. And it's 50-times better. You've seen pics of my creations. I'm getting good.

Other food on my list to consider buy/make ideas: frozen waffles, butter (seriously), applesauce, cheese, ketchup. Also, canning or jamming my own fruit and veg this summer.

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