Sunday, May 4, 2014

Entryway: The Work Continues

This weekend we got started on the entryway. Finally. We were having some people over and wanted to clean it up and start construction before the party. So Dave hit the Home Depot Saturday morning with my schematic and in 45 minutes, we had wood and nails.
Before: Picking Up the Entry Rug and Cleaning Out the Furniture
While he was away, I marked all the studs and picked up the current carpet tiles, which were last used in our basement in New Jersey -- and were supposed to be temporary when we put them down three years ago.

The rails went up very easily and quickly, but with very loud hammering. So we had to stop before bedtime. The next step will be putting up the vertical rails (likely over Memorial Day weekend) and then painting them all a glossy white.

After: Navy Carpet Tiles and the Start of the Boards on the Left
The rug in the entryway is dark navy, which will match the outside of the entry door (when it gets warm enough to paint outside). And this rug is longer than the last one, going past the piano.

A pretty good start!

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