Friday, August 1, 2014

Brighter Behind the Sofa

In my internet travels, I found this cute little yellow and white desk. Oh how I love yellow furniture. And it's metal, so it matches (kinda) my little yellow stools. So, yeah, I purchased it. The price was right and I'm a sucker for free shipping.

Anyhow, it's here now and I've set it up in one of two spots I thought it'd be perfect for -- behind the sofa. We had a dark-wood console table back there, and it did a pretty good job of looking big and dark -- and not much else.

My idea was installing a desk with a direct line to the TV, so that when it was on, you could more-easily multi-task -- as we often do.

Some evenings, I have brainless work (for work) to do -- so the laptop sits on my lap on the sofa. This might be ergonomically better.

Maybe a puzzle could be done and puzzlers don't feel left out of the rest of the house -- as they often do when on dining room table.

Perhaps a homework spot that's not an eating surface but near the food. And still witness to all the action of the family room.

A sunny spot to work from home during the day.

You get the drift.

We'll see how the rest of the family reacts when they see it.

There's also a Lego table set up in this spot behind the coach, which is temporary. Just an FYI. 

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