Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 1: Tacoma

Since we arrived late on Thursday night, we got our first look at Tacoma, Washington in the morning. And true to its reputation, it was raining. But that didn't detour us from our plans.

After overpriced breakfast at the hotel, we hit the pool. Because when the girls see a pool is available, they become laser-focused on getting into that pool. So 30 minutes -- we were in and out. 

Then we hopped into a cab and headed to Point Defiance Park to rent a boat and check out the area by sea. This was a brilliant idea. Though the morning was still gray and cloudy, we had so much fun tooling around and seeing the beautiful scenery. 

On the Boat and Hanging On! I Didn't Mean to Dress Them Alike
He's a Fisherman

Once we were done being the professional boatmen that we are (not), we walked through lovely Point Defiance Park, through a flower park of roses and dahlias, spotting a doe and two fawns along the way. 

The Deer at Point Defiance Park
Lunch was excellent at Antique Sandwiches. I had a yummy sandwich of sprouts, avocados and fresh tomatoes. 

Then another cab back to downtown Tacoma to walk along Pacific Ave by the UW-Tacoma campus. Not much to see, though frozen yogurt was found and devoured. 

We heard a lot about the Museum of Glass -- so we went. There was time to spare. Glass art is a big thing here, mostly thanks to Dale Chihuly is a Tacoma guy. 

The Museum of Glass
In this dome, there's a pretty impressive glass studio with artists constantly churning out glass art pieces. And an MC narrating each step for the audience. There also a children's studio, but it was closed. 

Days are long when they start at 7am! 

After a quick rest at the hotel it was time for dinner at The Rock, a wood-fired pizza restaurant up the street. An excellent end to a great day all together. 

Family Shot - Ready to Get on the Plane

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