Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 2: Tacoma and Portland

We started day 2 with a morning swim in the hotel pool -- our last morning to take advantage of it so we did.

Dave had his event today, so that left me and the girls to entertain ourselves in Tacoma. As luck would have it, the Children's Museum was just next door, so once were cleaned-up from the pool, we headed there. It was a small space but with several pretty cool play areas that kept the girls busy. 

Water Room of Fun!

More Water Fun

Alien Ship was Cool
From there we walked to the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch. I hadn't realized that it was a chain. There was a train caboose inside that we sat inside to enjoy our pasta lunches. Not bad. 

Caboose Seating For Us
After that, it was frozen yogurt time and we had to decide on our last activity before meeting David. We picked the Washington History Museum just across the street. 

It was another small museum with some fun exhibits about the history of the Washington state. They had a scavenger hunt the girls could play and a huge model train set. We had fun. 

Totem Leah!
Before heading south to Portland, I made the girls haircut appointments -- end of summer/back to school trims. They were pretty quick. 

It was only about a 2-hour drive down to Portland. We made it just in time to have dinner with Joe, Rachel and their son Atticus, who is 5. They're hosting us for two nights before we head to the last leg of our trip -- Seattle. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Portland tomorrow. And, hey, add Organ to another state visited! 

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