Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 4: Portland to Seattle

We wanted to be on the road as early as we could, so we packed up the rental car said our good byes to Joe, Rachel and a sleepy Atticus and headed out. But first a breakfast stop at The Tin Shed, a Diners Drive-ins and Dives-featured restaurant that was on David's Must Do list. And it was amazingly good. The biscuits! Don't get me started.

It's a three-hour drive to Seattle from Portland, with little in-between, so we made it by 11am. We checked into our hotel and explored the area. We found the downtown shopping area and the Niketown -- as we do in most big cities first -- and plotted the rest of our trip. 

We picked a restaurant down by the Public Market called Pike's Pub and weren't overly impressed by it. But the girls ate salmon and loved it -- so they said, so a good start for them. 

Seattle isn't at all what I had expected. It's hilly and not that closely tied to the water (there's a highway in-between). I thought we'd be surrounded closely by mountains. Clearly wherever these notions came from we're not correct. It's a lot like San Francisco. 

Tomorrow we hit all the touristy stuff. And no rain in the forecast. Yippee!

Public Market

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