Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Week Back at School

This week the girls went back to school. On Tuesday, we dropped off Leah's supplies in her new 3rd grade classroom and met her new teacher. It's so amazing to look around the room and see all the posters and cheers. You can do it! Leah is super happy to be back in school.

At Her Desk, Dropping Off Supplies

First Day Back - Getting on the Bus. It was 25 Minutes Late!
The next day, we dropped off supplies at Kindergarten for Alice. The teacher wasn't there, because she was dropping off her college student. So we walked around the room and checked out all the cool areas. Alice picked out the Purple table and hoped that's where she'll be sitting the next day.

First Day for Alice, Second Day for Leah!

Hopping On the Bus -- Her First Solo Bus Ride! 
It's hard to predict Alice's moods, so I wasn't sure if she'd be reluctant to get on that bus Thursday morning or not. I was ready for both -- armed with encouragement in either case. But, we got excited Alice. She barely hugged me before bounding up the stairs. She was too excited to tell the driver her name, but quickly took her seat and waved vigorously from the window. I did NOT cry, I swear. But I did sigh deeply and took a moment to savor the memory. My baby is a BIG GIRL!

Second Day - Pigtails and Fancy Dress

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