Monday, September 15, 2014

Smelliest Car on the Block

After Leah's soccer game yesterday, I let her and Alice play at the playground for awhile. There was a tire swing and maybe too much time was spent on it. Spinning and spinning and laughing.

Because on the way home from playground time, Leah threw up in my car. Two blocks from the house. All over the door and her seat. Puke everywhere.

She was very sorry, the poor dear.

I spent about an hour scrubbing and Fabreezing. But the car still smells like vomit. The whole way to work and the whole way home today. Hours later, I still smell it.

I'm just thankful it's been so cold, because once the car heats up on a warm, sunny day ... I'll have baked vomit.

Parenthood is great.

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