Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Planning My Summer -- Already

Despite being the dead of winter with lows in the negative numbers and even too cold for Benny to walk to the bus stop, it's the time to start planning our summer camp plans.

The park district camp registration is on Feb. 6 and if you aren't registering that day, there's a chance you won't get the sessions and locations you want. The horror.

 We asked the kids what they want to do this summer and Alice insists on being home all day (there never was a more committed homebody) and Leah would rather "go anywhere" but back of the park district camp they were all last year. Neither of these scenarios is even close to possible, but I appreciate their input.

After the success of the botanic garden mini-camp they attended for over winter break, I decided to break up their summer and send them for a few weeks at one camp then the other, which should keep them on their toes and not stuck in camp monotony. And the sessions really work together and will provide a good mix. At the park district, they get swimming. At botanic garden, it's more learning-based.

Also, now that Leah is 10, she's able to attend my sister's sleep-away soccer camp in the Berkshires -- her first sleep-away camp experience. So, we'll work that into a summer vacation.

A spreadsheet is being created to organize the schedules before the big registration day arrives.

It may be frigid outside, but my thoughts are on warm weather fun.

Jumping Snow at the Bus Stop

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