Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Master Bedroom Getting Painted Today

... and I'm not doing it.

I really really really was going to paint my master bedroom. I picked out the colors and started moving things out of the room. But, ugh, it's a BIG room and that tray part of the ceiling is high. So the question became, how much do I have to pay to NOT paint this room? What's my time and muscle aches really worth?

So the answer was a lot more then I expected but they could come this week, so I took the bid. It's the same team that painted our family room and foyer and they were awesome. No worries about mistakes or blots on the ceiling that were a certainty if I painted.

The team usually painted houses in the summer, so they save my room for a rainy day.

Master Bedroom - Shady BEFORE Picture
After picture coming soon! 

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