Monday, May 16, 2016

Master Bedroom Paint Options - Blues and Greens

The time has come. My master bedrooms has been neglected since we moved in four years ago and the time has come to pump up the style.

As usual, we'll start with the walls -- the mint green have to go. While I'll admit the color isn't horrible, there are scuffs all over that 10-year-old (maybe older) paint job.

I started this month by haunting the hardware stores in the area, gathering attractive paint chips, and putting samples up on the wall. Here's the current color choices with my favorite-ever duvet that will inspire the whole decorating effort.

Paint Choices
That dark blue option is called Everard from Benjamin Moore and it made the Ace Hardware guy a little nuts because I found it on this (lovely) blog but apparently it is no longer an available chip. I had them mix up a sample after they found it in their computer. It's pretty close to the blue in the duvet.

I want to try a darkish green as the last option before I make the big decision. I've always thought a jungle green room would be super cool.

Outside of paint, I'm adding a second white bedside table and rethinking the curtains (more on that to come). The rest of the work will be reorganizing pictures and decor once the paint is on the wall.

It's not really Spring unless I'm painting something in this house! 

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