Friday, July 1, 2016

Shopping Around For New Car Options

In a nutshell, my diesel Jetta is involved in the VW scandal and, according to the news, I will be soon be parting with it. (My post from when I bought the car ... all happy and excited about the "cleaner" engine. Pshf.)

Honestly, I'm not thrilled about shopping for a new car. When we bought this car in 2013 I was looking forward to at least a decade of NOT car shopping. All the time and thought into the different options, MPG, color -- weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. And dealing with car salesman! Ugh. There are work camps in Siberia that are more fun.

But, here we are. So I've been starting to give it some thought. What I like about my car. What I'm missing. And looking around parking lots at models that are cute.

As of today my must list, which sits on top of the usual new-car features, is:
1. heated seats
2. sun roof
3. room in the trunk for a bag of soccer balls, four chairs and four backpacks.
4. fuel efficient

Additionally, I'd also really like: 
1. keyless entry and start (Dave's car has this and I love that I never have to fish the keys out to get into the car or start it.)
2. navigation system. (I thought using my phone was enough, but more than once my phone fell from its spot and disappeared under the passenger seat mid-trip.)

Not important but would totally love:
1. Heated steering wheel. Cuz, I live in the Midwest and this is amazing.

Looking around, here's what I'm thinking about ... as of today:

Golf Wagon
VW Golf Wagon. I know, I know -- I should totally be breaking up with VW because they are liars and there's a special hole in the ozone that is completely their doing -- but I have always loved my VWs and this one is perfectly adorable. I'm also going to assume they'll offer a deal to those they swindled to stay in the VW family.

Volvo V60
Volvo V60 Wagon.  This is more of a pie-in-the-sky choice, as it's likely out of our price range but it's got everything I want and some super reviews. We've got a friend who was driving a Volvo and was in a major accident. He credits his car and its safety features for saving his life. Can't beat that recommendation. Plus, a little more luxury than I'm used to. Maybe ...

Toyota Prius V. Yes, I got rid of our last Prius because it stunk to drive in the winter. If my driveway was icy, I wouldn't make it into the garage. And the driver's seat was basically a foam-covered bench. Not comfortable for more than a 30-minute ride. But that was years ago ... maybe these new models have a little more to them? And the fuel efficiency is hard to beat.

Mini Cooper Countryman
Mini Cooper Countryman. Last on the list, because I'm sacrificing decent trunk space and fuel efficiency for a little style (it comes in green!). I've heard good things, my sister owned one, and it has 4-wheel drive which would rock in the winter. I mean, how cool would I look rolling up to the soccer fields in one of these?!

No decisions will be made until, if the news is to be believed, the end of the year. But always good to start looking at what's out there and chatting to folks about their car preferences.

Sigh. Here we go again!

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