Monday, September 12, 2016

The Basement Options

Well, that's disappointing.

Our budget for finishing our unfinished basement isn't going to cover a new bathroom down there. Blurg. So, I'm trying to figure out our options ...

Option 1: Move Forward
We go forward with the basement finishing and put bathroom on a phase 2 list.

Option 2: Up the Budget
Somehow figure out a way to increase the budget. Though, will we get the return on that higher investment when we sell the house? Hmm.

Option 3: Cut out the Contractor
I'll be home, I could act as the contractor, find and work with the electrician, drywall guy, etc. This doubles my work, as I have to get references, bids, etc. But then we’re not paying the contractor to project manage.

Option 4: Change Projects
We could scrap the plans to do the basement completely and remodel the master bathroom. The estimate is less about than the basement and new bathrooms are always solid investments.

Decisions, decisions ..

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