Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 5: Seattle

What a day!

We started our morning at Pikes Place Market, a long 2-block hallway of grocery, fish and craft shops. Starving, I picked up a cinnamon roll and Dave got a pumpkin cookie. We headed to the world famous stall to watch them throw fish. We were not disappointed. It was pretty cool. They were giving out smoked salmon which the girls tried and Leah loved.

That made me think of lox, so I easily found a bagel place where I could get lox and cream cheese bagel. Yum!

We meandered down the other fantastic stalls in the Pike's Place Market -- lots of grocery items and crafty things. I loved it. This is where my crush on Seattle started.

After leaving the market, we started to meander toward the Experience Music Projects -- which is Dave's Mecca. The walk got too long and he got too impatient, so we hailed a cab for the rest of the way there.

OK, the EMP is seriously awesome. The kids loved it, we loved it. We played, we laughed, we sat for a while and watched videos. This place was worth the plane fare by itself. Sure, we had to answer some uncomfortable questions about Kurt Cobain in the Nirvana exhibit ("how did he die?") and the Jimi Hendrix room was totally lost of them. But, yes, totally worth it.

The tour book said to book 90 minutes, we spent a bit more time than that. We even performed on stage as the Fundells -- and have the video to prove it. So fun!

Afterwards, we grabbed a late lunch at the Atrium, a food court nearby with Seattle-based restaurants, mostly natural, etc. They're super green and committed to good food. (Cue Seattle crush!) I ate a mini-chicken-pot-pie and the girls found a restaurant with grilled cheese shaped like butterflies.

We went back and forth on it, but finally decided to spend the cash and go up the Space Needle. It was a great way to see where we are in relation to water and mountain. We didn't spend lots of time up there, but it was totally cool to catch the view. I didn't see anything about the rotating restaurant, so maybe it closed? Or you have to "know a guy."

Then, it was back to the hotel room -- just around the corner -- to drop off stuff and get cleaned up for dinner. We walked passed Local 360 on our way to the EMP and liked what was on the menu. And boy, we were NOT disappointed. Again, mostly locally-sourced. Fresh Fresh Fresh!

At the Fish Market

EMP Selfie - Blurry, so RocknRoll!

The Fab Four at the Top of the Space Needle

Views of Downtown

At Dinner. Our Last on the LongTrip

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