Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh This Time of Year!

I've come to understand that it doesn't matter what we do around the end of December -- if we're hosting, traveling, staying home, whatever -- this time of year is stressful.

It's just filled with A LOT of everything -- shopping, food, family, social events, school events, work deadlines, tasks, to-dos, cookies, candies, toys, everything.

Everything happens in December. And because of this -- and despite all the lists and reminders I create -- I always feel behind and unable to ever catchup.

I prioritize and re-shuffle and still something important doesn't get done. I just accept this. It's not all going to workout.

But it's a speeding train, the month of December. And once we're rolling, there's no stopping it until January 2 rolls in and all we'll have to remember that crazy month is crumbled to-do lists, too many dirty dishes and lots of phenomenal memories.

Hold on tight!

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