Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Was the Best!

Sunday might have been the best day ever.

Both Leah and Alice had playdates -- one away, and one in the house. So they spent the morning cleaning, prepping and talking to each other about their plans. They even built a fort and created a reading club. And, of course, asking me "how much longer" about every 20 minutes. Then, they were out of my hair for hours.

I went all homemade-crazy-kitchen-lady and made yogurt (as usual), granola bars and applesauce. And for dinner, homemade chicken nuggets (with leftovers for lunch today). The fridge is bursting with good foods for the week, and that always puts a smile on my face.

Dave spent the day cozy on the sofa watching football and folding a mountain of laundry. I really do miss football season when it's over. He did leave the house to do some research on a new dishwasher, which is desperately need. The situation is getting bad -- I'm contemplating hand-washing dishes. NOOO!

After dropping off Leah at her BFF's house, I stopped at the quilting store and picked up new fabric for baby nephew's quilt. I had an original theme with fabric, but I just wasn't getting inspired by it. That store is heaven and I wandered solo for 30 minutes, chatting with the store owner. I made the mistake of calling the cotton layer in the middle of the quilt "wadding" which is what they call it in all the UK crafting magazines I read. She looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. "Bunting" is such a nicer word than "wadding" anyway.

I also finished the applique dolly quilt project that put new calluses on my fingers. It turned out pretty cute.

And ordered the last of the gifts from Amazon Sunday night. Wohoo!

Sunday ended with kids in bed -- they got cranky at the end of the day -- and me on the sofa making a packing list and looking at the mountain of things left to do. Because, as it was the BEST day, it wasn't the most productive of days. The new curtain rod wasn't found. The holiday cards weren't stamped. The boxes of gifts weren't sent.


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