Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alice and Her Cold Luck

It's been Alice's luck to always get the cold room. In New Jersey, her room was an addition over the garage that didn't get insulated very well by the pervious owners. It got so cold that I'd set up a space heater on freezing nights.

When we moved to our newer house, I didn't think there would be a "cold room." But, I was wrong.

The windows in our house are crappy and some don't actually close all the way -- letting in gusts of freezing air in the winter and warm air all summer. I spend some time each year adding weather stripping and calking around the edges, but it's a losing game. However, in Alice's room, the window is actually separating from the house. Cracks are visible around the perimeter of the window and opening/closing the windows makes the whole thing wobble in its place. Not so good. And obviously, this just allows outside air to pour into the room. Alice's room is routinely 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. Especially given her air vent is directly under the window -- that warm air just runs right out of the room.

Poor Alice.

So this week, we're getting a bunch of the windows replaced in our house ... just in time for the very cold weather that's on the way. We're replacing most of the bedroom windows and the sliding glass door leading out to the patio.

If all goes well, Alice will just have a bedroom -- and no longer the cold room.

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