Monday, August 8, 2016

Feed My Brain - My Podcast Reviews

So, I listened and learned a little. Here are mini-reviews of the Podcasts I choose (spoiler alert: I enjoyed most of them):
  • Young House Love has a Podcast - A friendly podcast about homes and blogs and decorating, which I really enjoyed because John and Sherry are so delightful. I especially liked their concisely edited format, which made it easy to listen to. I'll likely subscribe to this one. 
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class - I listened to three scritped episodes, each about 30 minutes long, and each was interesting, informing and entertaining. The banter format between the two hosts annoyed people in the reviews, but I found it made it added a little charm. 
  • TED Radio Hour - These NPR-produced episodes pull together several TED talks around a subject into one well-produced 60-minute show. I listened to "The Meaning of Work" and it was thought-provoking and awesome. My one complaint is I wish they were a bit shorter, as one podcast doesn't fit my 40-minute commute. 
  • The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe - The Dirty Jobs guy has the best voice ever and these episodes are less than 10 minutes of excellent storytelling. I'll probably subscribe to this one, too.  
  • Anna Faris is Unqualified - So ... exactly what you'd expect. You know how in movies Anna Faris gets that thoughtful/lost look and draws her words out ("reeealllllllllyyyyy? wwwwweeeeelllllllll"), that's not acting apparently. Entertaining but a just-slightly edited conversation is sometimes tough for me to stay focused.
  • Elise Gets Crafty - This format was also the listen-in-as-we-have-a-long-conversation (same as Anna's) which I'm not a huge fan of, but there are bits of inspiration and good advice in all the chit-chat. Elise means well, in her casual southern California accent, but I think I'd like it more if it was curated, like the Young House Love podcast. 

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