Friday, August 5, 2016

The Departing Viking

Not that kind of Viking! This Viking ...

When we moved into our house four years ago, I was maybe a little swayed by the professional-looking Viking range in the kitchen. They're expensive and sought-after, right?!

But we were soon brought down to reality when the 15-year-old appliance showed signs of not being well-cared for. The knob to the oven didn't function -- we could turn it on, but gave no indication of temperature. Also, the front left burner didn't ignite. I called a Viking-certified technician in that first year who was able to fix the burner but couldn't do much for the oven knob.

Luckily, this kitchen also has a Jenn-Air wall oven located nearby.

So over the years, the Viking oven was used to store large baking pans. But the range has been used daily.

Lately, we started noting that our wall oven wasn't getting as hot as it used to. Upon moving the thermometer over to that oven, I confirmed it was heating 10 degrees lower than it reported. And noticeable cold spots.

I think this just did us in on barely-functioning appliances.

Dave did some research last weekend, we ended up at Best Buy opening and closing oven doors, we picked a range and wall oven, and, HOORAY!!, they're heading to my house on Saturday.

As for the Viking ... well, those things are, as I said, sought-after, right? I took pictures, dropped it on CraigsList for $500 and it was sold in a few hours. In fact, I've been getting emails all week from people interested in buying it. (Had I known HOW popular it was, I would have upped my price.) However, I feel pretty good that it's going to a guy who will refurbish it and give it a new home -- and not a landfill.

And, we're getting a pretty awesome new range! I'll post about the new stuff tomorrow.

(Now, let's talk about the ugly kitchen floor tiles ...) 

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