Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alice's Room Battle

I'm dying to redecorate Alice's room. She was three when we moved in and now at almost-8, I feel it needs a more sophisticated look. I also need to declutter the heck out of it.

But she won't let me!

"I love it the way it is!" she says.

So I did a test. While she was out, I took down all the pictures from her walls -- including all her artwork. I thought that maybe this would kickstart the ideation process. "Yes, this does look better" she'd say.

Not so much.

In no uncertain terms she'd like it all put back the way it was. "Today, Mommy!"

I liked it better when she was too small to care.

In Her Room 2013!
This might be a long campaign to update/clean-out this room. I'm prepared.

Related: Here's what it looked like when we moved in. And here's what it looked after I finished in 2012.

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