Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid's Art Gallery Project

Here's a super simple project I did in the upstairs hallway that was inspired by Pinterest. And, best of all, it cost me NOTHING. Gratis!

Problem: Way too many pieces of art came home from the kids after school got out and over the summer from day camps.

Also a Problem: The wall in the upstairs hallway was a mess. I don't love the shelves -- they're too cluttered an undefined (and unstyled). And though I love the antique sofa (dubbed "The Reading Couch") that I got from my Grandmother-in-law, it's not all that well cared for, poor lady.

After swiping through Pinterest I found a picture of an art gallery "board" that contained all the things I had around the house. Kinda. It would certainly have my own flair.

Detail View!
Materials: A pine board left over from the board and batten project in the entryway. Two eye hooks -- or more preciously "D-Ring Hangers" from a picture hanging kit. Two hooks I got to hang ferns from the front-porch ceiling and never did. (In hindsight, they probably wouldn't have held the plants.) And string from a spool I got from the Michaels clearance bin a few weeks ago ... just because.

The Process: ... is pretty simple. I did the D-Ring hangers first. Then, twist in the hooks and attached the string.

Pro Tip: Attach that string tight. Artwork is heavy!

And viola! That weird, empty wall in the upstairs hallway becomes a cluttered gallery of kid's art.

The Finished Project!
In the future, I can see: a) the wall color changing ... I'm slowly falling out of love with this color. b) cleaning out the art and showing just two or three pieces. Or even some photos.

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