Friday, August 12, 2016

Soup on the Go!

Packing Up My Cup O Noodles for Work
So all of a sudden I'm a trendy foodie, I guess.

The big thing is using mason jars to transport food (Isn't it weird how popular mason jars have become?) like salads, soups, cereal, etc. And maybe because they use these jars and they're super photogenic (see here), I've seen them popup in every magazine, food blog, new recipe book (like Gwyneth's) and Pinterest over and over again.

If it's in Martha Stewart magazine, it's a THING.

I've been following the cup o' soup recipe from Martha Stewart for the last week and it's been a total success, though I'm going to continue to experiment with other ingredients.

What's inside: The noodles are a Chinese bean noodle, I add thinly sliced mushrooms, frozen corn and a few teaspoons of Miso paste. I want to add greens like scallions but I don't have any in the fridge, so today I took the last bite from the spinach box.

Overall, very quick prep time in the morning while I'm packing up the kids' lunches, too.

The whole compact jar travels to work with me in my insulated lunch bag, along with my coffee mug and bottle of water.

When I'm ready to eat it, I fill the cup with the super-hot water at the office, put the cover back on and let it hang out on my desk for a few minutes while I check my email.

After a few minutes I stir it up and Voila! my very own cup 'o noodles. It's pretty tasty and fills me up.

There are hundreds of variations, including subbing in couscous for noodles. I plan to try a few in the coming weeks. I'll report back my findings.

Side note: Miso paste is so friggin' delicious there has to be other uses for it. More on this too.  

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