Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Daybed Discussion

Two more updates to Alice's bedroom to discuss. The first is her new bed. Let's skip over the part about her current bed being MY childhood bed and all the history there ... and just say we would like her to have a new bed.

Of course this was met with opposition, as Alice doesn't like change. But once we started showing her the options, she quickly got on board.

Here are the top two choices:
Jenny Lind Day Bed From Land of Nod. The Pricey Option
The Dorel Living Vivienne Bed From The Risky Yet Inexpensive Option
Given the large price difference, I think the choice is very clear. And the Wayfair bed is more along the lines of the style I was looking for. And it will transition to being a teenager's bed much better than the Jenny Lind bed, which looks tad juvenile.

Because I can't see it and don't know the brand like I do Land of Nod, the Wayfair bed is also a bit of a risk. It's listed as "made of wood" but what if it's thin and flimsy? There are no reviews. And no color listed, so what if it shows up orange!?

We'll be making the purchase soon (so it's here for her birthday party), so more news will follow.

Side note: We made the mistake of walking through a furniture store this weekend and she found a daybed she liked but I most definitely did not. The "Why do you get to choose it's my bedroom" argument came up. A) I have way better taste and B) I'm paying for it. ;) Ahh the injustice of being almost-8.

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