Friday, September 30, 2016

The Wall of Restraint

Behold! The Wall of Restraint
I call this wall, the "Wall of Restraint" because it's just about the only wall in my entire house that is blank. And I love to have pictures, art, books, drawings and hooks everywhere, so this blank space is indeed unique.

It's near the garage door and we walk past it several times a day. And each time I do, I give myself a little mental pat on the back to "say yay" me for holding back in once place.

But that's started to wear thin.

I'm starting to lineup some around-the-house painting projects for next week, since the sun will be out and the temperature will warm. It's been raining all week. And I keep looking at this wall ....

Ok, first off, I'm going to paint this wall white. That's for sure. I can't deal with the green anymore. It was once a soothing green, now it's just looking vaguely avocado and when I take pictures of it, it looks even less attractive. The kids look sickly and pale in front of it.

(I will also paint the green upstairs hallway, as well. More on that later.)

My first impulse is to board-and-batten it. We did it in the entry way and it's got a lot of impact.

The Entryway Board and Batten
It's reasonably inexpensive and took just the day to install. On the little wall, it will be even faster. Plus, I have a board leftover from this project -- total bonus.

I have also noodled with other treatment ideas. For awhile, I considered making it "command central" and hanging up the family calendar, bulletin boards, message boards -- the whole nine. But that didn't sound restful or useful, once I thought through it.

First Use: Gallery Wall
When we first moved in, it was an art gallery wall of all the kid's masterpieces. I could head down that road again ...  

I could also continue to leave it blank and white. I can't put any furniture against it, as it blocks traffic. So it's art, wood or nothing. 

Will I continue to restrain myself with this wall????

I'll keep you posted!

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