Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Basement Bathroom Vanity Ideas

This weekend we hit all the big box stores to get an idea about bathroom vanities, flooring options, showers (acrylic vs. glass) and tile. Not to buy, just to touch some things and learn what is out there.

We came to a few decisions about the vanity in the bathroom.

1) I really like the open shelving. As a guest, open shelves make you feel less creepy when you have do dig through cabinets to find extra toilet paper.

2) We'd like some wow-factor. The bathroom will be used primarily by guests and when we're in the basement, so we'd like something in there that will add a little flair, and the vanity is a good place to accomplish that.

3) We'd like to avoid white cabinets, as they're looking a little builder-grade to us. That's the exact look we're trying to avoid.

Keeping that in mind, I'm seeing two top options:
This From Home Depot That Has the Open Shelving.

The Black Vanity with Vessel Sink Has the WOW and More!
Here's the fun part ... they're both going to be over $600!!! About $700 and change (once we factor in the faucet, which isn't included in the price.)

I've never bought a vanity before ... so this is what sticker shock feels like. Holy cow! 

I've bought dressers that were cheaper ... 

hmmm ... hey wait! ... that gives me an idea ... 

We did little more digging and we found cool vessel sinks that can be purchased on their own. So, what can we make into a vanity? As it turns out, just about anything! 

I jumped into Pinterest and there are a bunch of DYIs about making a vanity out of dressers and shelves and sometimes just planks of wood! So, here's my ideas, since our vanity is sitting its own niche ... 

Using a little round sink that looks like this ... 

Whatever shelf or wood we decide to use, I'll need to seal the top extra-thick so that it stands up to some water damage, otherwise, it seems pretty straightforward and not a lot of additional time/energy. And if I can cut the price of the vanity in half, well, that's worth the extra time to find a less-than-standard approach. Possibly, also adding a wow?!

Now I just need to talk to contractor to see if he's game! 

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