Thursday, April 23, 2015

8 Things I Should Have Said to Adam

This is Adam. And that's me, trying not to faint.
Adam and I
The night of my birthday, Dave and I went to a Guster concert in downtown Chicago with our friend Jeff, my brother Nic and his girlfriend Bobbi. Awesome people for an awesome night.

Guster is a band Dave and I have been fans of since collage. And they are super-awesome live. Lots of dancing and singing to songs that we've been singing for years.

Anyway... afterwards, we went across the street to a bar with karaoke. We sang, we drank. We pretended being at a bar after midnights wasn't such a unique event. THEN in walks the opener -- this strange Asian violinist. And behind him is Adam -- the guitarist from Guster. Whoa! Of course "no-rules" Jeff had no problem asking him to take a picture with me, after telling him it was my birthday and we were at the show.

Here's the thing, I am a spaz when it comes to meeting artists/celebs. My head tingles and I can't control what I'm saying. And I used to interview celebrities for my JOB! (But I was younger and stupider then.)

Anyway, the meeting went like this:
Adam: It's your birthday?
Me: "Yes, sorry if these guys are being crazy stalkers. Thanks so much."***
Adam: "Sure."
We pose, I nearly die, and then rush back to my booth to die slowly.  
(***This might not be what was said exactly, it happened in a whirl.)

I spent the rest of the night, and the days that followed, thinking of about a 100 things I could have said to him. Here's just eight:
1. We've been fans since the beginning. I got your first album from your street team in collage.
2. We listen to all the CDs in our house and our kids are now fans, too. Our dog was almost named Guster!
3. "Parachute" always ends up on all my mix-tapes.
4. We've seen you in a bunch of cities over the years and love your concerts. You guys are funny/great on stage.
5. Tonight's show was fantastic. But was Ryan trashed?
6. What bands do you like to see live?
7. Where are all the other guys? Did Ryan pass out?
8. Never break up! Keep making music!!!
Overall, a pretty GREAT and MEMORABLE birthday!!

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