Monday, April 20, 2015

Things I'm Obsessing Over Now - April Edition

Outlander -- My favorite show, bar NONE, started back up this month for the second part of the first season and I'm living for each new episode on Saturday nights. It's. Just. That. Good!

A Discovery of Witches -- I listen to audio books on my 40-minute commute to work and I've been particular about picking books that are 10 discs or less so I can finish them within a week. But for some reason I decided to give this story, with its 20 discs, a try. I'm halfway through and it will take me about two weeks to get through the whole story but I am loving it. This is what Twilight should have been -- with a DaVinci Code-like story thrown in.

Violet Mackerel book series  -- The girls and I have been reading these books for the last few weeks before bed and I am absolutely in love with Violet. She's sensitive and thoughtful, and she creates all these adorable theories about the world around her. The girls and I discuss her stories and ideas even during the day. We just started book 5 last night.

Soccer coaching -- I'm coaching Leah's U9 travel team and Alice's Kindergarten team, so I find myself thinking of drills and skills I want to bring to the team all day long -- while in the car, in meetings, and even falling asleep at night. I find little papers where I've jotted down practice plans all over the house.

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