Monday, March 24, 2014

Phase 1 Entryway Complete

Phase 1 in my multi-phase plan to board-and-battan the foyer is complete! The walls are a lovely shade of white. The color I have dreamed of. Non-beige, people!

Once I get the tarp put away, David gets all excited. Let's just do it all now! I layout some grids and start taking some measurements -- because someone's gotta go out the next day and buy all the wood and supplies.

Then, I realize ....

It's only 30 degrees out. And do I really want to jog outside to cut pieces of wood in such inhospitable weather? No. No and No.

So, we'll wait. Sure, there's snow in the forecast for the week but spring is gotta come to Illinois at some point, right? Right!?

Grids to Test Some Spacing Options
We Bought a Circular Saw; Be Afraid! 

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