Monday, April 14, 2014

Golden Birthday Celebration

As it's Leah's GOLDEN birthday, we decided to celebrate with a BIG trip to Disney World next month. But, in the meantime, we still needed to commemorate the big day with some gal pals. So, six girls were running around my house on Sunday morning. We painted little houses, ate homemade pizza and sang silly songs around my big dining room table.

The shindig was owl-themed (of course) and even included a homemade Pin-the-Beak-on-the-Owl game. We got lucky with some breaks in the rain for outdoor time. And, at the end, a big hide-and-seek game. Great fun!

It all reminded me how little you really need to do to throw a good kids party.

Since Leah turned 2, we've been celebrating her birthday at those big jump places or gyms, but we decided after last year she was too old for those kiddie-themed gigantic parties -- as we near the age of sleep-over parties and smaller sets of besties. Plus, they're so pricey! Sheesh.

Anyway, the most important thing is Leah and her guests had a fantastic time. And the clean-up was a breeze.

Happy birthday sweet Leah!

Personalized Glasses and Owl Parting-Gifts Say Hi!
Golden 8s!
Pin the Beak on This Cute Guy

(More party pics to follow.) 

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