Friday, April 4, 2014

My Goals - A List That May Never End

I've been thinking a lot about aspirations lately. Maybe because of this diet and how close I'm getting to my goal -- it's a pretty fantastic feeling. Like, I put it down (the lbs, not the inches around the middle, unfortunately) and now I'm getting there.

And the saying is, if you put it out there, it might come back to you. Not sure where "there" is, but this blog seems "there" enough for me.

Goal 1: Live in Paris for 2 or 3 weeks. 
- I dream about renting a small apartment and living as a Parisian for a time. What we discovered during our time in Berlin is you get so much more out of a city if you're at their grocery stores and taking the kids to playgrounds and little restaurants. Bring my kids, my hubby and just enjoy the sights and sounds of daily life in France.

Goal 2: YA book reviewer/editor or something. 
- Let's just say it. I would love to read as an occupation. I'd be good at it. I find holes, see grammar mistakes and can spot a metaphor a miles away.
- Do you ever just know you'd be really good at something? And it's annoying that no one is letting you do it. THIS I would be good at.
- I used to really want to be an author. I like writing and telling stories. I have a few GREAT ideas on my head but the act of writing. The art of writing. The logistics of being in my head that long. It would mess with my balance. I'm not sure if I could commit to it. This blog satisfies my need to write and create sentences. Share my stories. That's as far as I think I'd like to go.

Goal 3: Be home when my kids get off the bus. 
- Help them with homework and getting them to after-school activities. Without being unemployed.
- Let's be clear. I like my job. It's challenging and the end product is educational products that directly help kids learn to read. I love that.
- Where does this come from?! Seriously. This is an example of my split-personality. I want to work and pursue a noble goal. I want to be part of a company. And I want my girls to see me being part of something big. A team. And want that for themselves, too. Nothing against stay-at-home-Moms, but it's not in my blood. And I want to be that role model for them and contribute financially to this family.
BUT AT THE SAME TIME, I want to be home for them in the afternoons. Feed them dinner before 7pm. Help them with homework, support them academically. And then get them to activities that they wouldn't do if I worked until 6 each night.
- That article I read about parenting in Norway and how most business people are done with work at 4 was huge for me. I want to be that Mom. Not in an apron with a plate of cookies, but at least more involved and more supportive. They'll be gone in 15 years. -- and won't be interested in my help during the last five years. So what I can do now will lay that foundation.

Goal 4: Spend More Time Outdoors
- I want to be outside a few hours a day. As an occupation or other reason. I have a garden and dog -- and yet I still spend way too much time indoors.
- I'm super good at finding a reason to be inside. It's a little too cold, or a little too hot. The sun is too bright. Those clouds don't look good. I want to sew this one project, then I'll weed. There's no comfortable place to sit. The neighbors are being too loud? Is that a mower? Where are my shoes? I was outside, I walked to the mailbox and back.
- Granted, I live in a super-cold climate and I'm a super-big baby when it comes to cold. That isn't going to change, but can't I make some changes to the outside and inside spaces to make going outside more interesting? New deck? French doors? Shoe storage by the door? I'll start a list.

Goal 5: Dinner Dinner Dinner
I'm really on a roll!
- Seriously, why is this so hard? Why can't I stick to a schedule or menu?
- I want to be the girl that puts together the menu plan on the weekend. Shops with that plan. And cooks to what's on that plan everyday.
- I want to dedicate a few nights a week to a family dinner around a table.
- I want my kids to magically be more adventurous with food -- and try more. I don't want to make a separate meal for them. It's annoying.
- I want to pack leftovers for lunch and throw a lot less away. I am always throwing away rotten fruit and veg that I only bought because "maybe I'll get my act together this week and make such-and-such." Nope. Didn't happen. We made frozen pizza twice and pasta for the girls one night while the adults ate cereal over email. Romantic!

That's it for now. I'm sure there will be more. And things will change. But good to time-capsule these things for today.

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