Thursday, April 10, 2014

And It's My Birthday ...

Yup it's my birthday. Today. And I love my birthday. It may be weird, especially for a gal pushing 40, but I don't really care. I believe everyone should embrace the one day they get to celebrate themselves. Go up to as many random strangers, or anyone who calls you up on the phone, and say "Hi, it's my birthday." Because, if the day you entered the world isn't a big deal -- even to yourself -- than, well, I question your feelings of self worth. You are a big deal on your big day.

Birthday Selfie
I was treated like a queen and got a delicious breakfast in bed. I opened some cool gifts (more on that later) and decided to work from home. Then, it's off to coach Leah's first soccer practice of the season -- which I couldn't be more excited about. And then a little dinner and a LOT of ice cream.  

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