Friday, April 4, 2014

The Kitchen Gets Accessorized

The, as mentioned before, needed some help. There were a few drawers in particular that were hard to pull open -- including the frequently-used silverware drawer.

The solution: we hired Rick the Handyman to come over and install 42 pulls to the kitchen cabinets. He did the fence fix in the backyard this fall -- and he did a bang-up job. It's holding up like a champ through the windy and horrible winter. So we knew he was our guy for this job. It took him just about three hours and BAM ... The kitchen looks bedazzled!

Before: Cabinets Have to Be Opened Around the Doors.
OK for Some, Impossible for Others.
After: Easy, Practice and Pretty! I Love a Quick Fix.
After: It's Kinda Like They've Been There All Along!
After Rick was done, I peppered him with questions about other little fixes I'm interested in doing around the house. Including: Replacing the cheap ball-pull faucets with something a little less -- um -- cheapie. Adding more outlets to the basement. And recommendations for a painting crew to paint my very-high ceilings. It's always good to get quick estimates so I know how many pennies I need to save for things I can't do myself.

As for the kitchen, next up is paint, paint and more paint. 

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