Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Milk Question

I recently started to follow 100 Days of Real Food and Lisa, the blogger, is deadset against low-fat food. Sure, I'm with you there for most foods. Low-fat usually means more processing to remove the fat. If there's a low-fat version, you should probably just consume less of the "natural" version.

Got it.

At least, that's my theory for everything except milk. It has been drilled into my head that low-fat/skim milk is the only way to go. In fact, when I hear of children Leah's age drinking whole milk, I flinch. That's a lot of fat, dontcha think?

But, there's a bunch of research that proves me wrong. Or, maybe, just outdated.

I started to do some searching, counting on trusted experts like Michael Pollan, Marianne Nestle and news sources like NPR. And, yes, there have been several studies that show whole milk doesn't add to your waistline. And in fact, it helps your waistline, though we're not sure why. Could be because you feel fuller. Or, in whole milk, there are a slew of vitamins that need their fatty-counterparts to be effective.

There are even studies that suggest children who drink whole milk have less incidence of obesity. Say what?! I know the calcium keeps their bones and teeth healthy, but cut down obesity. Tell me more!

See for yourself: The NPR story, and the write up in The Atlantic

I drink milk each morning with my smoothie. And the girls, especially Leah, drink it with at least one meal a day. For me, there's nothing like a cold glass of milk with warm comfort food. So, despite the research, I'm not sure we're ready to switch over cold-turkey. But it's something to continue to watch and consider.

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