Thursday, December 11, 2014

A New Windows Update

How Do You Take a Picture of a Window?!
What a difference a new window can make!!

I'm used to walking into Alice's room and feel a temperature drop, but no more! And it's glorious.

The glass, in particular, doesn't get ice cold to the touch. And they open/close like a dream. Like butter!

The guys who installed the windows were super nice and friendly -- it took them just about the whole day to get through the eight new windows and patio door.

They explained the original builder didn't put flashing above the windows, so water had been easily dripping into the space between the window and house since the beginning -- causing the cracks and failure in insulation.

The house settled, as they all do, causing the window casing to warp and not allow the windows to close all the way. And the calking around the windows wasn't done properly -- if at all.

All these little problems were addressed and improved -- making the house feel just a little more secure and newer.

It took us the weekend to reinstall the blinds and curtains. And I painted the new trim around the patio door and am in love with the all-white look of the space.

I owe you better pictures, but really, the difference is in the function more than the look. Though, not having the big cracks is a huge improvement. Right?

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