Monday, January 11, 2016

The Golden Globes: This is MY Super Bowl

Don't judge me but I loove award shows! And particularly the Golden Globes because I get to see TV and movie stars mingle. So last night, I sent the girls up to play Mario Kart, I poured myself a glass of wine and basked in the glory that is red carpet and award show hoopla.

Not that I saw any of the movies or TVs up for awards -- that hardly mattered. Especially when Christian Slater high-fived Leo on the way to get his reward and my 15-year-old-self exploded. Or when Brad and Ryan were on stage together and my brain couldn't comprehend the hotness on my TV -- or maybe that was just the wine.


I also used my NEW pressure cooker last night for the first time, making a Beef, Barley and Vegetable Stew from the Martha Steward One Pot cookbook. The pressure cooker is a little intimidating to use, just think about all that built-up pressure sitting on your counter. Plus, you can't see into the thing to know what's going on inside there.

But the stew came out perfectly (maybe the beef a little overdone but the potatoes were perfect) and I got the girls to sample it. Leah liked the beef but wouldn't touch the potatoes. (Who doesn't love potatoes!?!?! It's weird.)

The Stew Ready to Go in the Cooker
Winter is made for stew ... and the geeking out at the Golden Globes.

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