Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to School 2016 - Shoe Edition

The girls are constantly growing out of their shoes. Last year, Alice skipped two sizes -- it was crazy. I had size 10 and 11 shoes I'd been hanging on to from Leah for no reason. Anyway, to keep up with the phenomenal foot growth, I do a big shoe shop twice a year.

I am usually very grumpy about the shoes at the stores near me. They're not great quality and they're sorta ugly. Let's just say I avoid the Sketchers store at the mall. Which means I go through Zappos.

Here's a tip for Zappos shopping ... sometimes the plethora of choices can stymie the kids. They get all discombobulated and dizzy. SO. MANY. CHOICES. So here's what I do: I go through and save several different pairs to My Favorites, and have them look through that list. It cuts down the decisions to a handful.

I also find if they have shoes that are kinda interesting and comfortable, the kids will keep wearing them. If they are boring, they get shoved to the back of the closet.

BUT FIRST, I have a Shoe Sorting Day: make Alice try on all of Leah's hand-me-downs in her current size and get Leah to try on all the shoes we think are in her size. Then, pass down or get rid of accordingly. This helps us figure out the correct size, too.

As of today, here are the styles sitting in My Favorites for the girls to pick from: 

Leah asks for the Hanna Andresson clogs every time we get the catalog. There's something about the way they look on the models that she loves. So maybe this is the year I buy them for her as a more 5th grade sophisticated look. Take note, the straps can be worn around the heal to help keep them on.
Hanna Andersson Silver Clogs 

I've been buying the See Kai Run brand for years. They last -- meaning that rubber around the toe doesn't easily come off. And I've scrubbed old ones to make new for the hand-me-down. These GOLD colors are super cool.
See Kai Run GOLD Mary Jane Sneakers 

Every year I consider Chooze and they never pick them. I'm always drawn to the patterns and colors. but, apparently, it's just me.
Chooze Mary Janes

Can't beat the Converse sneakers. These are cute and we're big fans of the slip-on shoes at our house. I also like the Vans slip-ons but didn't find any in a good pattern this year.
Converse Sneakers 

Morgan & Milo is another trusted brand. However. this might be the LAST year we can get them, as their sizes end around size 2.
Morgan & Milo Mary Janes

The sneaker is always a good choice because they both go to gym class daily at school. If they don't want to change into their gym shoes, they don't have to. I love the little woodland pattern on this one.
See Kai Run Sneakers

UGG is now making all kinds of shoes, so it seems ... if we decide on these, they'll be the first UGG shoe we try out. Points for being cute and good colors!
UGG Sneakers

Of course, they'll both likely need gym shoes -- something to leave at school for their daily gym class. Alice usually fits right into Leah's old pair, so that's easy. And Dave will take Leah to the Nike Outlet to pick out a new pair in her new, bigger size. There's not much of an art to this gym shoe purchase, so I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Next up ... Back to School Shopping picks ....

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