Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 6 in the Basement Project

We're down to our LAST WEEK in the basement. Everybody dance now! 

Because of the terrible weather, my fabulous contractor's son was able to come by for two days and lay the floor in the massive 900 sqft room. That was a huge task checked off the to-do list. Yippee! 

In the bathroom, we're down to the finishes. The contractor sanded and installed the vanity "shelf" and it's up to me to stain and poly it this weekend before the plumber arrives on Tuesday to hook up the faucets and toilet.

The electrician will be by next week to complete all the switches and hang the scones in the bathroom. And the carpet install is happening on the stairs and in the bedroom on Monday. 

This weekend, while we get hit by more snow and sub-zero weather, I'll be attempting to get all the finish paint on the walls, so there won't be anything holding up the trim install. Oh, and that trim needs to be painted, too. 

Feeling thankful the kids will be out in the snow and our schedule is pretty light this weekend.

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