Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Basement Progress - Paint and Tile!

There's so much happening in our basement this week.

The bedroom is really coming together. We painted the ceiling using Rare & Radiant from Sherwin Williams. This is the color going on all the ceilings in the basement. We did one coat and really couldn't tell if we needed a second coat. The paint guy at Home Depot said we'd likely only need the one coat if the primer was high quality. Not know what that meant (high quality primer?), but knowing we didn't want to do a second coat if we could get away with it, we didn't. Looks great. You won't notice.

Before: Primer On, Ceiling Painted
The wall color is Cloud Sky from Behr. Both the contractor and Dave gave me a hard time about a blue bedroom. "It's a boy room color." Ugh. It's not. It's a warm blue to make the guest room welcoming and the black-framed art is just going to pop. So boo to anyone who assigns gender to a color.

Lastly, the closet got Morning Sunshine from Benjamin Moore for two reasons. It's always fun to do a bright color in a closet and b) I ran out of blue paint and this yellow has been hanging around since I first painted Alice's room four years ago. Good way to use it up. It's actually more orange than it should be, due to the rust from the can that fell into the paint as I was stirring. Yuck.

And here's a fantastic selfie of my paint-splattered face after the first coat on the ceiling. It's the first ceiling I'd ever painted, and that learning curve was steep!

Last, but not least, the bathroom is underway! Check out that sky-blue tile around the shower! It only took two trips to the Floor & Decor 35 minutes away to get enough of the tile. (I didn't do that math right the first time.) The tile is called Villa Artisan Sky, it's porcelain and made in Spain. (Tee-hee!) I picked it for its color, its shine and those neat irregular edges. And I insisted it be behind the toilet because I HATE painting and cleaning behind toilets.

The Bathroom ... Tile Going In!
This picture also shows some of the floor being laid out. More on that to come on that, as we hope to be complete with the bathroom finishes by the end of the week.

Off to paint ...

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